Little Blue Man

Have you ever thought that little blue men (and one woman) are watching you from behind the watter bottle or under the buttercup in your neighbour’s flowerpot? Have you ever sensed their presence spying on you through the windows or under the door? If you have you are crazy… maybe even more than me 🙂 .

Apparently, blogging is becoming very popular among my taekwondo friends, so I decided/am deciding that I will be cool too and I will blog too. Especially since I am far far away in a distant land where women are beautiful and beer is still cheap. I do apologize in advance for some of my posts will be in Bulgarian since some thoughts are formed in one language and need to be expressed in that same language. 

That shall be all on the subject of little blue men (and one woman), but I won’t promise reading my post won’t get you crazy… you know MADNESS IS CONTAGIOUS!


~ by lytskv on January 14, 2009.

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