Little black belt thingy’s enterntaining gtalk statuses..

Day 1:
Little cap thingy: “and I just kicked my TA … I’m not doing well in my classes am I?? >.>”

Day 2:

“magical textbook, can you give me the answer? What about now!? flips page What about now!? flips page What about now!? flips page …….” – Little cap thingy psetting

Little cap thingy: “wait, what would you call [Little black belt thingy] then?” Scary black belt thingy: “a man.” thanks [Scary black belt thingy]

Day 3:

is planning how to feed Little cap thingy during her stay in SJ to maximize utility…

Day 4:

“you can like more than 1 icecream, and you can eat a lot of different icecreams at the same time, or not the same time, but I guess it’s not the same as like-liking people?” – Little cap thingy on relationships

“well, you can like things in degrees-like-I like my cap more than you….” -Little cap thingy on liking things.

Little black belt thingy: “Hush child.” Little cap thingy: “You can’t call me a child. You’re younger than me! MAN!”

Day 5

Little black belt thingy: BONDING ACTIVITY ūüėĬ† Little cap thingy: o.O!! hahahah bondage… not bondage? Little black belt thingy: no not bondage…

Day 6

Little pure thingy: Love is like a molded mouthgaurd. It cannot be shared.

Day 7

crap, did I really just finish 300 grams of gummy bears.


~ by lytskv on November 19, 2009.

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